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What is the Horizon?

The Horizon is an electric trike that is adaptable to your physical ability or disability. It is the collaborative brainchild of Outrider USA and quadriplegic adventurer Chris Wenner (More information on Chris here www.epictrip.org). Scroll to the bottom of this page for more details on the Horizon.

The Mission
Outrider was built on adventure. We know that the thirst for adventure doesn't stop when an individual has a disability. The Adaptive Trikes branch of Outrider was created to quench that thirst for adventure - offering adapted use trikes for individuals and groups built with the same high-performance and craftsmanship that has made Outrider a leader in the electric bike industry.

How do I get one?
Email horizon@outriderusa.com or call us at 828-654-7555.

If you missed pre-ordering through our Kickstarter campaign (Anticipated Delivery December 2014) you can still get in on the second production run (Anticipated Delivery March 2014). Hurry! Space is limited!

How can I learn more?

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See the Horizon in action

Horizon Field Test with Professional Wheelchair Racer Michael Mills
Horizon Field Test with Justin Falls

Horizon Kickstarter Campaign Video

What the experts have to say

"It is one of the most revolutionary concepts to ever hit the world of mountain biking." -- The Active Times

"It's all about mobility and independence, and the new Horizon electric tricycle — designed by a disabled psychologist — offers both." -- Mother Nature Network

"For the past few years, Outrider has been earning praise and breaking records with its pedal-assisted electric trikes, but its latest design is gearing up to be its most rewarding endeavor yet." -- Gizmag

"It's a great design that would give more freedom of mobility to people who don't have full function of their limbs, but who would want to experience the great outdoors like anyone else." -- TreeHugger

The Horizon trike has been featured in

Adaptive Sports Centers we have partnered with

What's the Horizon backstory?

We brought the Horizon to Kickstarter.com in March/April of 2014 to raise the necessary funds to bring it to production, and also to seek "the crowd's" feedback on what features we could include that would make it truly one-of-a-kind. With an incredible showing of support and advice the Horizon Kickstarter campaign was successful... the second most successful electric bike campaign ever on Kickstarter! For more details on the Horizon Kickstarter campaign, click here

Now we are doing final prototyping, sourcing, and fulfilling the pre-orders from the Kickstarter campaign that will comprise the first production run. We anticipate delivery of the first production run during December of 2014. From then on the Horizon will be available for purchase on www.outriderusa.com.

What is the Horizon?

Consider the Horizon the electric bike for your super-hero alter ego.

The Horizon started with a thirst for adventure and independence. We designed the Horizon to be adaptive for all sorts of different physical abilities. From quadriplegics to paraplegics to those with spinal cord injuries - everyone loves adventure and fun.


  • Actuated Seat (rising) to make getting in and out of the seat easier
  • Fold down handlebars for side entry to the seat
  • Three wheels and low center of gravity make balancing simple


With a full 4 inches of suspension travel, independent A-arm front suspension, rear suspension and knobby tires this bad-boy is ready for action. We've designed the Horizon to be at home of nearly any surface. Pavement? Check. Grass? Check. Dirt? Check. Gravel? Check. Roots? Check. Mud? Check. Plus the Horizon is capable of tackling steep mountains, seriously long distances and speeds up to 25 mph. What are you waiting for? Get out there and explore already!


It’s totally up to you. The Horizon trike can be ridden in 3 different ways:

  • Pedal Only
  • Electric Only
  • Combination of Pedal and Electric Assist

The electric motor is stealthily in the rear wheel, but make no mistake - it is very powerful. Capable of starting from a dead stop, it can reach speeds of up to 25 mph. The electric assist is engaged by twisting the "throttle". The more you twist it, the more assistance you get! Oh, I almost forgot; the Horizon can travel up to 30 miles purely on electric before needing a recharge.


"The Horizon looks awesome. You've basically taken all the tweaks and challenges and possibilities I've seen in years of getting people on cycles and put them in one package." -- Greg, BORP Adaptive Sports and Recreation

“This is my first time trying it and it’s really fun! It was fast, it was smooth... I really liked it.” -- Amanda

“It’s just fun!” -- Nate

“This is by far, the coolest thing I’ve seen.” -- Shane


  • Experience the excitement and freedom of riding a bike
  • Get great exercise at a pace that is comfortable for you
  • One cycle, many uses. Horizon can quickly and easily be adapted for use by people with a range of physical abilities
  • Industry best suspension allows you the freedom to explore nearly any terrain etc


“The single best transportation choice I have ever made.” -- Kevin, NH

“At last, a vehicle that lets me feel like Batman leaving the Batcave every time I take a ride.” -- Chris, NC

“It has performed well beyond my expectations and proven to be a very reliable means of getting exercise, fresh air and an exhilarating adventure.” -- Cliff, NC

“For me it’s the only way to fly… [I mean] ride!” -- Marc, NC


“This counts as my favorite test ride of any production electric bike ever. Outrider trikes are so much fun to ride that anyone spending a day on one… will probably not forget that day for the rest of their life.” - Electricbike.com

"Let's just say the Outrider USA recumbent electric trikes are high performance vehicles." - ElectricBikeReport.com

“I’m really impressed!” - ElectricBikeReview.com

"The only bike ever to receive 100/100" - FindTheBest.com


Shown with Foot Pedals and One Handed Controls
Shown with Foot Pedals and One Handed Controls
Close-up of front suspension
Close-up of front suspension
Shown with Cargo Bag and Foot Tray
Shown with Cargo Bag and Foot Tray
Shown with Foot Tray
Shown with Foot Tray
Shown with foot pedals
Shown with foot pedals

This one’s for you my fellow tech-lovers. Feast your eyes on the full tech specs.

  • Maintenance Free High-Torque Brushless Hub-Motor in rear wheel: 1500 watts can climb 15% grades
  • Dual 160mm hydraulic disc brakes
  • Full suspension independent A-Arm suspension, 4 inches of travel
  • 48V High Power Lithium Batteries
  • Regenerative braking
  • Dimensions: 80 x 34 x 31 (inches for LxWxH)
  • Height adjustable seat for easy on/off and low center of gravity while riding
  • Quick Release, fold-able handlebars for easy side entry from wheelchair
  • Electronically actuated seat rises to an anticipated 19 inches, which is standard wheelchair seat height
  • Comfortable ergonomic upright or reclined seating position
  • Dual bar-end rear view mirrors
  • Removable key
  • Optional rear rack for cargo capability (available post production run)
  • Programmable power outputs
  • 30, 60, or 100 miles of range (stock is 30 miles with the opportunity to upgrade after the campaign)
  • All terrain knobby tires at ~40 psi
  • Anticipated 90 lb total weight 250 lb capacity (rider plus cargo)
  • 7 Speed SRAM grip shift

Project Partners
  • Chris Wenner
  • Adaptive Adventures
  • BORP Adaptive Sports and Recreation
  • Adaptive Sports Foundation
  • Adaptive Sports Center
  • New England Disabled Sports
  • Northeast Passage
  • Eagle Mount

Thank you to everyone who supported the Horizon Kickstarter campaign! Your contributions, ideas and inspiration all collectively helped create the Horizon. The names listed below are abbreviated to respect supporters privacy and are in no particular order. Thank you all again!

  • Clifford F.
  • Tim D.
  • Les F.
  • Charlie
  • Eric S.
  • Matthew R.
  • Terry R.
  • Scott B.
  • David F.
  • Jocelyne W.
  • Erica S.
  • Valerie
  • Regina T.
  • Jenna L.
  • Mark D.
  • Sean O.
  • Chris D.
  • Kevin P.
  • Troy S.
  • Patrick S.
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