Single best transportation choice I have ever made

"The decision to buy the 311 Solo from Outrider was the single best transportation choice I have ever made. Tommy was extremely patient with me and was eager to answer my endless stream of questions. His technical knowledge and obvious enthusiasm for the product put me at ease and gave me the confidence to make the purchase. The acceleration is instantaneous and surprising, the steering is incredibly responsive and the disc brakes provide excellent stopping power. At first it was a little disconcerting to be so close to the ground, but now it's the part I love the most. It feels safe in traffic especially because of the acceleration speed and maneuverability. I use the 311 for a rather hilly 25 mi round-trip commute to work at Keene State College in southern New Hampshire. So far I have a little over 2200 miles on the odometer and the last mile was as enjoyable as the first. One thing I have had to get used to is all of the attention the trike brings. Its hard to be in a hurry when everyone you meet in a parking lot wants to ask questions. In summary this is a high quality product from a great group of energetic and customer oriented people."

Kevin B. 
Chesterfield, NH

Fantastic Ride

"Ride today was just fantastic. I really like the acceleration. Also for me it was really easy to "free" pedal. When I get off I am relaxed, not sore but was out "exercising" for about an hour. Really, really nice build."

Scott M.
Hollywood, SC

Thanks... Thanks... Thanks!!!

"The 422 Alpha is not like any other bike or trike. This is a serious and very innovative machine. We've also hauled tons of gear on a modified trailer. Shopping, hauling BoogieBoards and gear down to the BV River Park for some fun, and our Dog Kama sure likes to ride. We've hauled up to 70 lbs all over town and never a hesitation on the part of the Outrider trike. Mostly I've averaged about 50 miles + on most of my daily rides and all have been easily obtainable on a single charge averaging about 28 mph. It responds to our needs effortlessly and will thrill ya every time guaranteed. Almost 1700 miles and no problems. This spring is going to be great. My plan has been all along to park the truck and this will sure be true for this year. I'd have to say my favorite ride last Summer and Fall was "Cottonwood Pass" (elevation 12126'). The ride has 4161' of climbing and the 422 Alpha just eats up grades with no hesitation. In fact is was quite an odd feeling to pass so many cars and trucks on the way up that were hauling trailers. THANKS... THANKS... THANKS! Great engineering, Function, Form and Freedom!!!"

Lynn N.
Buena Vista, CO

Update: December 2012

"My Outrider 422 Alpha has gone another 900 miles for a total of 2600 miles. I'm even more impressed now than I was 900 miles ago. Even more trips to the river, store, work and just cruising around town. 2600 miles of not driving my truck and I don't miss driving it at all and in fact I've not been able to ride recently and it's killing me. The best part of the last 900 miles for sure was the "Pikes Peak Cycling Challenge". What a hoot and proof my Outrider 422 Alpha is one amazing machine besides being way too much fun to ride. Other great rides include Independence Pass, and Cottonwood Pass just outside of BV... I ride Cottonwood pass weekly for sure... What a beautiful ride and fast. I'm not a writer or a professional product reviewer, and not really that technical so describing my Outrider in flashy terms or technically is not really an option. Bottom line for me. I love it. It's an amazing machine and it adds some new twists to riding and makes transporting yourself and your goodies around just too much fun. I got to meet the Outrider USA Team in Colorado and ride with them. I did not do the race but ran up Pikes Peak taking photos of the race. It was wild riding thru the pack at 28+ and hearing the cheers of the other riders as I blazed past them and the ride down! Wow!"

Lynn N.
Buena Vista, CO

The 411 on my 411

"It's electric and that means torque. I actually now look forward to road riding without fearing death by distracted drivers. This trike gets up and goes and allows speeds that make a 411 rider more of a road curiosity than an interference. If I see someone approaching in my rear view mirrors who ain't behaving like they are gonna "share the road" then I have plenty of time to push and throttle and find a pull off before they get cranky. I consider anytime I see a vehicle in my rear views an opportunity to sprint. I kick in and throttle up and push her over 40 on the flat. And shoot, downhilling is a hoot on a recumbent trike. You are so low that you just fly. I am averaging over 25 mph and find myself routinely pedaling with assist around 32 mph. For me, it's the only way to fly....ride. At these speeds be sure to have pants that gather and grab fairly well around the leg otherwise you will have balloon pants.....cool crotch but not the best for riding."

Marc Clayton
Arden, NC

Burma Shave!

"During my commutes I cruise between 22 and 28 mph while pedaling. In 50F or colder weather I get two round trips or 30 miles between charges with about 5 miles or range remaining. In 70F plus weather I got a minimum of 40 miles on a charge. I enjoy cycling and working on my own bikes, both modern and classic steel lugged models. The Transition trike is the perfect fun vehicle - complementing my other bikes. I expect the maintenance on the Transition will be no more than any quality bike and minimal considering the higher mileage I expect to put on it between services. The guys at Outrider USA were very helpful the few times I had questions or concerns. Concerning my title - I had a higher-end Bionx and sold it to raise funds. Think of it as the little red metal trike (3 year old style) compared to the Transition. Any competitor's offerings in quality and performance are much more expensive than Outrider USA."

Robert T.
Sterling, VA