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Electric Trike | Best e bike | 422 Alpha | Ultralight Adventure Vehicle Electric Trike | E bike | Outrider USA | 311 Solo Electric Trike | E Bike | Outrider 411 Hyperlite
422 Alpha
Price: $11,995.00
311 Solo
Price: $7,995.00
411 Hyperlite
Price: $9,995.00
Unrivaled. There is no pedal-electric bike that can match the power, range, speed and excitement of riding a 422 Alpha. This bike is the epitome of pedal-electric vehicles. Hand assembled in America.
The quality craftsmanship and performance you expect from Outrider at a great price. The 311 Solo is our 30 mph midrange machine that's extremely versatile. It's a great choice for those that don't need as much speed as the 411 Hyperlite or as much range as the 422 Alpha. Hand assembled with pride in America.
Pavement-ripping acceleration and incredible speed bundled up in a very lightweight package.  The 411 Hyperlite by Outrider USA takes pedal-electric performance to new levels.  Get ready for the adrenaline.  Hand assembled in America.